Advanced English Grammar



Advanced English Grammar


Learning advanced English grammar doesn't need to be that difficult.

Over the 20 years that I've been teaching English, I've noticed that some learners of the English Language have difficulties with "the details."

It always seems to be the 'exceptions to the rules' that can make things a little harder for them to grasp.

Sound familiar?

If yes, please read on...

When you add to this, phrasal verbs :( infinitives, gerunds, parallel structures, inversion, dangling modifiers and the like... what do you get? You get intimidated or discouraged students and frustrated and listless (tired) teachers.

Not exactly the best situation for learning to take place, right?

Now, I'm not going to promise you that I can change any of the above, or that Advanced English Grammar dot com is the answer to all of the world's problems. However, I can and will say that it is my desire to help EFL and ESL students learn English grammar in a systematic, practical, and sometimes entertaining way.

That's it. That's what this site is all about.

If you really want English grammar help, I recommend starting with those particular grammar items from the menu at the left of this page. I've included theory and practice in this site as both are needed to really improve your advanced English grammar.

By the way, this is not my first site about the English Language, nor will it likely be my last.

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